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Used Dropside Tipper Trucks for Sale

Whatever the needs of your business, we can source the ideal used trucks for any commercial requirement. Choose a second hand dropside tipper truck from a range at Chris Hodge.

Similar to a classic dropside truck in design, with a flatbed frame featuring sides which open or ‘drop’, dropside tipper trucks have the added benefit of a tipper, making them the ideal choice for the construction industry, where heavy cargo needs to be unloaded quickly and safely and space is often limited.

Dropside tipper trucks are versatile, as they can be loaded and unloaded from the sides, the rear and from above. Compared to box trucks, they are quicker to load, as the cargo can simply be tipped or lifted directly from the flatbed, rather than having to be manually unloaded.

Choose a used dropside tipper truck from Chris Hodge with complete confidence - all the commercial vehicles in our range are fully quality checked and safety approved.

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