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Used Water Bowser Trucks for Sale

Choose a used water bowser truck from a selection at Chris Hodge. You’re sure to find the ideal second hand commercial vehicle for your needs from our extensive range.

Water bowser trucks are used to transport and supply water. The term ‘bowser’ is used to refer to mobile water tanks deployed to distribute fresh water in emergency situations where the normal system of piped distribution has broken down or is insufficient.

Water bowser trucks can be used for industrial or agricultural work or construction engineering. With a tank made from stainless steel, water bowsers can be used to contain drinking water.

A water bowser can also be equipped with a pesticide spraying machine for use in the agricultural pest control industry, plus they can be fitted with sprayers from every side to clean the streets and provide environmental sanitation.

Buy a used water bowser truck from Chris Hodge with complete confidence - all the commercial vehicles in our range are fully quality checked and safety approved.

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