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Archived photos

(it's apparently No2 of the pre-production run of run of 48 vehicles. Thanks Rory Winckworth)

Show is from 1967 as the Krupp Cummins V8 shown was introduced in Frankfurt IAA in 1965 and the January 1967 Brussels show would be the first occasion then. Melis Haagsma, Amsterdam.

1967 Brussels it is then

Still around Stuttgart in 1951....

the cars from the Frankfurt show in 1951...

(detail corrections from Christian Goetz. Thank you)

(comments from Pieter Groenendyk)

where? when?

(Mystery solved. Thank you Andrzej Bakowski)

Presumably the truck had seats in the body for passengers. Thanks Bill Aldridge)

The LMS (a former railway company) in wartime...

Margate, 1948...

load 750 kg. And it was air-cooled. There was a second version called FW 400 - W stands for water-cooled. So the second picture (air cooled flat twin?) shows the rolling chassis of the F 400, I think. Thanks Christian Goetz)

Binmens' junket at Margate, 1948....(first in a number of pictures)

The Paris Salon, 1952.....

I was built for Bofors who found it too heavy and it was sold to Bristol Siddeley, but what did they do with it? Thanks, Bill Aldridge)

Delivering beer in Leeds, 1931....

in the SNOW!

for the Army...

(Bill Aldridge thinks 1960 is about the right date)

Bill Aldridge has deduced from models on display that it is probably the Scottish Motor Show in Kelvin Hall and probably 1980.....but may be the overflow at Glasgow Corp garage says Jim Mcilroy. Peter Davies agrees it's the Kelvin Hall)

More from the mystery Motor Show...

Horseshoe Pass, North of Llangollen, North Wales. Thanks Phil Davidson for this information.

May 1946 (thanks Bill Aldridge)...

(the first 4 taken at the Chiswich Skid pan...thanks Bob Baxter)

It's nearly truck sized.

1953, Birds Eye peas Great Yarmouth...
(Fresh as the moment when the pod went pop?)

aircraft...(this was first shown at Christmas)

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