Shipping Container Dimensions

Dimensions given are approximate for guidence only. Please contact your shipper for up-to-date information on exact dimensions & capacities. Payload will vary according to local regulations and is often less than the absolute loading capability of the equipment.

Container Interior Dimensions Door Dimensions Top/Side Dimensions Cubic Capacity Tare Weight Payload
20' Dry Freight L: 5919mm
W: 2340mm
H: 2380mm
W: 2286mm
H: 2278mm

33.0 cbm
1165 cu.ft
2000 kg 22100 kg
20' Open Top L: 5919mm
W: 2340mm
H: 2286mm
W: 2286mm
H: 2251mm
L: 5424mm
W: 2222mm
31.6 cbm
1116 cu.ft
2200 kg
21826 kg
20' Flat Rack L: 5662mm
W: 2438mm
H: 2327mm

L: 5600mm
2600 kg 21470 kg
20' Reefer L: 5428mm
W: 2266mm
H: 2240mm
W: 2286mm
H: 2188mm

27.5 cbm
971 cu.ft
2900 kg 24060 kg
20' Collapsible Flat Rack L: 5946mm
W: 2126mm
H: 2233mm

L: 5600mm
3000 kg 27100 kg
40' Dry Freight L: 12045mm
W: 2336mm
H: 2379mm
W: 2280mm
H: 2278mm

67.3 cbm
2377 cu.ft
3100 kg 27396 g
40' High Cube Dry Freight L: 12056mm
W: 2347mm
H: 2684mm
W: 2340mm
H: 2585mm

76 cbm
2684 cu.ft
3200 kg 29600 kg
45' High Cube Dry Freight L: 13582mm
W: 2347mm
H: 2690mm
W: 2340mm
H: 2585mm

85.7 cbm
3026 cu.ft
3900 kg 28600 kg
40' Open Top L: 12043mm
W: 2340mm
H: 2272mm
W: 2279mm
H: 2278
W: 2162mm
64 cum
2260 cu.ft
4000 kg 26181 kg
40' Flat Rack L: 12080mm
W: 2438mm
H: 2103mm

L: 11682mm
5500 kg 25000 kg
40' Collapsible Flat Rack L: 12080mm
W: 2126mm
H: 2043mm

L: 11662mm
5200 kg 29200 kg
40' Reefer L: 11207mm
W: 2246mm
H: 2183mm
W: 2216mm
H: 2118mm

54.9 cbm
1939 cu.ft
4800 kg 25640 kg
40' High Cube Reefer L: 11628mm
W: 2294mm
H: 2509mm
W: 2290mm
H: 2535mm

66.9 cbm
2363 cu.ft
4400 kg 28070 kg
45' High Cube Reefer L: 13102mm
W: 2294mm
H: 2509mm
W: 2290mm
H: 2535mm

75.4 cbm
2863 cu.ft
5200 kg 27300 kg

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