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Used Refrigerated Box Trucks for Sale

Find a range of refrigerated box trucks for sale at Chris Hodge. You’re sure to find the ideal second hand vehicle for your haulage needs in our range. Refrigerated box trucks feature a refrigeration unit with three major elements - an evaporator, condenser and compressor.

The compressor sucks in the refrigeration gas and compresses it. The condensing unit then takes this cooled liquefied gas and cools it further. The evaporator unit then allows the liquid to expand and it becomes a gas again. This process causes it to heat up by sucking in heat from the surrounding environment - in this case the fridge body of the truck. The warmed gas is then transferred outside the truck to cool and the process begins again.

Temperature controlled transportation and storage is vital for maintaining the freshness of chilled produce, alongside adhering to compliance with regulatory requirements.

When choosing a refrigerated box truck, ensure you opt for a larger body than you need for your cargo load, as there needs to be a clear space all around the load for the refrigeration mechanism to work properly.

Buy a second hand refrigerated box truck with complete confidence from Chris Hodge - all the trucks in our range are fully quality checked and safety approved.

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