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Used Land Rover Trucks for Sale

Find used Land Rover trucks for sale at Chris Hodge. We specialise in sourcing premium second hand trucks and vans for all commercial uses, so you’re sure to find the ideal vehicle for your business needs.

With a choice of wheelbases, body types and chassis styles, a Land Rover truck is a flexible vehicle choice.

A Land Rover pick up is extremely versatile, ideal for light commercial use.  With a choice of a 90 or 100 wheelbase, this is a comfortable drive. A hard top Land Rover Defender combines functionality and features, with either a 90 or 100 wheelbase.

For more space, a Land Rover station wagon seats four when configured as a 90, or either five or seven as a 110. With five seats and a secure loadspace, a Land Rover utility wagon combines domestic driving with a spacious, flexible interior for medium commercial use.

A chassis cab Defender can be customised to suit your needs, with either a double cab or a standard cab available. The five-seater can cope with rough terrain and off-road driving with ease, whilst the separate secure loadspace keeps the load away from passengers for comfort and security.

A high capacity Land Rover pick up is ideal for transporting large loads, thanks to its full size tailgate. With space for up to five passengers, this is a versatile truck, ideal for both on and off road travel.

A versatile Land Rover cherry picker is ideal for municipal use, from rescue operations to street lighting and tree surgery. The front winch and power lift range from 10 metres to 14.5 metres, depending on your needs.

All used Land Rover trucks from Chris Hodge are approved with a full safety and service check, ensuring you can purchase a second hand commercial vehicle with complete confidence.

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