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Used Refrigerated Vans for Sale

Find a range of high quality used refrigerated vans for sale at Chris Hodge. A family owned company, we specialise in sourcing used commercial vans and trucks for all requirements.

Refrigerated vans have an insulated box body with a number of standard features, including an aerodynamic roof design, double rear barn doors with stainless steel locking bars and a fixed rear step with parking sensors.

If you deal in perishable goods and you need to transport them, a refrigerated van is ideal for ensuring the quality of the produce in transport and - vitally - meeting health and safety requirements to avoid food poisoning. Dealing with transportation and storage of meat or poultry is temperature critical.

Ensuring no stock defrosts and goes to waste with a refrigerated van. The cargo itself can be costly to replace, especially specialised goods like pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry operates within strict temperature controlled transportation and storage criteria.

All the refrigerated vans in our range are fully quality checked and safety approved, so you can buy in complete confidence with Chris Hodge.

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